The Flexitallic Group is the international market leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality specialty static sealing products. With the headquarters of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres based in West Yorkshire, UK and Houston, USA respectively, Flexitallic has excellent access to the worlds leading energy businesses and centres of research.
With an enviable record for new product development, Flexitallic is recognised as the leading innovator of new sealing products and materials. Its Engineering teams work closely with industry bodies and leading global energy and engineering companies to ensure that its sealing technology is always in front of industry standards.
In 1998 Flexitallic set a new standard for sealing technology with the introduction of Thermiculite® gasket materials. The key feature of the Thermiculite® range is its very high temperature, 1000°C, service capability in combination with total freedom from oxidation, the provision of both thermal and electrical insulation and the creation of high integrity sealing.. Thermiculite® is available as a sheet material, as the filler material for spiral wound gaskets and the facing on kammprofile gaskets. Thermiculite® has solved numerous end user problem applications, particularly those with high temperature processes where traditional sealing materials failed.
Having appreciated that the Thermiculite® technology could be of use in the sealing of high temperature components in the fuel cell industry and that to be successful a material would have to have special features, Flexitallic further extended the concept of the Thermiculite® material developed as a filler for spiral wound gaskets.
The outcome was Thermiculite® 866 which has particular applicability to SOFC sealing and is proving to be the material of choice for the developers of this exciting technology for future power generation.
Thermiculite® 866 is a special sealing material free of any organic binder material and is available in sheet form, is very soft, easily cut into gaskets and has excellent sealing characteristics.
Flexitallic's global customer service network of owned manufacturing facilities, manufacturing licensees and distribution network ensure local demand is met quickly, with a combination of the highest product quality and customer service.
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